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Leachate Management Specialists

Leachate Management Specialists is a company dedicated to one of the Solid Waste Industry’s most persistent and expensive problems, the handling and disposal of leachate.  Private and public entities spend millions on leachate management and treatment and our experts provide innovative, environmentally-sound solutions that have resulted in millions of dollars in long-term accrual savings. 

In addition, the technology is also applicable to industrial wastewater.  If your company is looking to reduce costs and benefit the environment through innovative natural technologies.


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Leachate Management Specialists Senior Associate Brad Granley, PE, CCCA honored as a “Community Changemaker” in the solid waste industry by National Waste & Recycling Association. Click here to read more in our News section

What is Phytoremediation?


Phytoremediation systems use specifically selected, fast-growing plants that have a great demand for nutrients and moisture, making the technology a natural fit to utilize leachate on-site as a resource in a plant-based system rather than disposing as a waste.

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Our Expertise

phytoremediaiton leachate treatment experience

With over 30 years of industry experience, Leachate Management Specialists is an industry leader in leachate management and treatment.

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  • We are planning to evaluate this technology for numerous other landfills and expect the industry as a whole to embrace this new leachate utilization tool.

    Midwest Area Environmental Manager, Republic Services

  • The (phytoremediation) system has the potential to be a game changer for leachate management.

    Senior Corporate Manager of Engineering, Republic Services

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There are numerous benefits associated with this technology:

• Reduced Carbon Footprint (100 tons CO2 or more per year)
• Diesel not burned by tanker trucks
• Sequestration of CO2 by plants
• Significant Financial Savings
• Reduced Liability
• Reduced Truck Traffic Through Communities
• Zero-Discharge Potential
• Utilize Leachate as a Resource On-Site In Lieu
of Disposing Off-Site as a Waste
• National Award-Winning, Innovative Technology
• A Truly GREEN, Sustainable Technology
• Habitat for Wildlife
• Reduced Loading to WWTPs
• Reduced Financial Assurance Policy Premiums
• Improves Safety
• Year-Round Leachate Management

The technology is a win for the industry, the community, and the environment.

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Phytoremediation uses

• Leachate Utilization (Consumption on Site)
• Leachate Seep Control
• Slope Stabilization
• Sediment and Erosion Control
• Surface Water Quality Improvements
• Leachate Ponds (Hydroponic Applications)
• Groundwater Protection (Intercept Contaminated Plume)
• Turf Establishment in Difficult Areas

What is Phytoremediation?